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This is our chance to interact with our Clients by providing you with interesting reading or innovative product reviews. Any feedback or discussion is welcome.

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company news

RWC Newsletter - December 2015

RWP Cape Post - Summer 2010

RWP Cape Post - Summer 2009

RWP Cape Post - Winter 2009



Campus Key Living - eProperty News (17 June 2014)

Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital - IOL News (20 June 2013)

BMW Gateway Century City – Cape Business News Article 18 February 2008

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recommended reading & links

Eskom's Management site, a useful consumption tool to see how you can reduce save money www.eskomidm.co.za

Excerpt from Idea of Justice by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

Consulting Engineers of South Africa www.cesa.co.za

Green Building Council of South Africa www.gbcsa.co.za


City of Cape Town Electricity

Inhabitat www.inhabitat.com